Why I love being an IT consultant:

  • I am happy when I can help you reach your goals.
  • I make sure that what needs to be done is done well. I always look for ways to add to your business.
  • I love learning something new about IT every single day and sharing what I know with others.
  • My favorite technologies are those that help people do what they are best at without others stopping them or being unfair to them.

How I do things:

  • Located in downtown Calgary for rapid on-site response
  • I do the work personally, not my employees
  • Precise 15 minute interval billing
  • Competitive hourly rate (Contact me)

What I know and what I can do for you:

  • Cyber security: IT security audits and more
  • High level IT management, low level IT administration
  • Get you up and running fast in any emergency
  • Fill in for a team member on vacation
  • Help you make strategic decisions
  • Security tools (IDS, Firewalls, Vulnerability Scanners)
  • Penetration testing (cracking, white-hat hacking, spoofing)
  • Virtualization and OS (Vmware, Xen, HyperV)
  • Networking (VLAN, VPN, BGP peering, IPv6)
  • VoIP (Asterisk, SIP Trunks)
  • High Availability and Backups (Clusters, Fail-over, Proxies)
  • Databases and Storage (Ceph, MongoDB, MySQL, MS SQL)
  • Software customization and DevOps (C#, PHP, and more)
  • 20 years experience

Tomas Florian
BSc.,CCNA,CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker)

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What my clients say

"It has been a number of years since we began dealing with Florian Consulting, and for every project he has been involved with Tomas Florian has displayed extensive knowledge and expertise, great attention to detail, and an instinct for maximizing ease of use and value. Tomas has consistently had the foresight to elicit from us the exact requirements we have as well as the potential directions we'd like to go with regard to our projects. Having Tomas on board helping us through a variety of transitions has reduced our stress and increased our output.

We strongly recommend the services of Florian Consulting."

Marjorie Zingle
Datahive Inc.

(Client from 2005 to present)

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